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II Peter 2:1-3-Beware-September 24,2023am

Sep 24, 2023    Pastor Matt Davis

Pastor Matt dives deep on how false teachers operate and lead people astray. They are dangerous, self absorbed, and doomed. For their own greedy gain the distorted gospel they teach leads people to hell. When faced with a false teacher, we need to consider the real Jesus. His truth, power, leadership and salvation are far greater than any thing a self serving false teacher can proclaim.

(1) Greetings! (2) God’s gift of grace (3) should spur you to grow by that grace (4) and to be confident in the scripture, the revelation of that grace. (5) Remember though that Satan undermines this grace through false teachers, (6) teachers who will be judged (7&8) because of their wickedness. (9) So don’t grow weary, remember their end and your’s (10) as you pursue holiness (11) and stability for the glory of Christ

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