The  Front  Porch

Welcome to "The Front Porch", a list of articles, sermons, and podcasts that I (Pastor Matt) have found helpful.

Why "The Front Porch"? One Saturday morning as my wife and I enjoyed our weekly coffee date, we were discussing a helpful podcast that I had listened to that week. She suggested creating a place where I could post things that I find helpful so that they are easily accessible for the members of our church. Writing long blog posts isn't something my schedule allows for, but dropping a link to a podcast, article, sermon, or book that I have found edifying is something you might find helpful through the week. Posting something here doesn't mean I agree with everything the person or ministry says, but I did find it helpful in some way from a pastoral perspective. I would love for these to become things our members discuss among themselves as we seek to exhort one another daily.

So, grab some tea or coffee and come sit on the "front porch" to read and chat a little about some of the things going on in the world around us!